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Builders Hand Cream

Builders Hand Cream


There’s a reason the term ‘builder’s hands’ is often used to describe dry, rough or cracked hands.

Daily exposure to the elements, building materials such as cement, and frequent hand-washing is part and parcel of being a builder, but the combined effects can be especially hard on the skin.

For builders, dry hands can be more than just a painful nuisance; the condition can have a real impact on day to day life, and sometimes even affect their ability to make a living.


The importance of hand cream in preventing dry hands

Cracked, chapped or dry hands can occur when the skin loses moisture throughout the day. For builders, who are often working outside; the loss of hydration can be made worse by cold, dry air, wind and even sunlight.  In order to help the skin retain water, a moisturising hand cream is key and can go along way towards preventing dry hands.


What builders should look for in a hand cream

While it’s true that consistent use of a moisturiser can be helpful for preventing dry hands; not all hand creams are created equal.

It’s important to choose a product that is well-suited to the effective relief of seriously dry or damaged skin. Thick, rich creams containing emollients and humectants are ideal for maximising hydration, even in the most severe cases. Humectants draw in water from the air to increase moisture in the skin and emollients provide added lubrication.


O’Keeffe’s Working Hands

We developed our Working Hands hand cream with its special formula over 20 years ago to keep working hands, working. Bill O’Keeffe was a rancher working in an especially unforgiving climate. His rigorous, tough outdoor work took a serious toll on his hands. Bill’s daughter, Tara, saw the pain caused by her father’s chronically dry skin and used her skills as a pharmacist to develop a hand cream that worked as hard as her dad. The pair worked together, creating and testing different formulations for years until they found a formula that worked like no other. This formula became what is now our Working Hands hand cream.

The hand cream that Tara O’Keeffe created increases moisture content in the skin by both providing hydration as well as drawing moisture in. Oil-free and unscented; the highly concentrated formula helps relieve severely dry skin, decrease dryness and provide long-lasting moisturisation.

Created by working hands, for working hands. We are dedicated to providing instant relief and long lasting results to make ‘builder’s hands’ a thing of the past.


Builders Hand Cream

There’s a reason the term ‘builder’s hands’ is often used to describe dry, rough or cracked hands. Daily exposure to the ...

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