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Turn your hands into winter warriors


Turn your hands into winter warriors – From problem hands to problem free


As impossible as it may seem, the colder months are almost upon us again – and colder months mean drier hands. And while for some of us that merely means a bit of redness and the occasional rough patch, for others – the doctors, nurses, builders, parents, gardeners, mechanics, teachers and countless others who continually wash or scrub their hands – this dryness can lead to problems.


So why does it happen?


Well, it’s a combination of factors. For starters you have the cold temperatures and low humidity levels that come along with winter. This creates much drier air than in warmer months, which in turn draws much-needed moisture out of our skin. But that’s only half the story. As the temperature drops outside, we naturally look to increase the temperature inside. And it’s by doing that – by switching on our heaters and radiators in our workplaces and at home –  that we can really exacerbate the problem.


What does this mean for our skin?


For those of us for whose days involve constant hand scrubbing, the impact on our skin can be severe and long lasting. Once the upper layers of the skin have been disrupted and damaged by the cold, our skin has a much harder time holding on to the moisture it needs to stay healthy, and so we can find ourselves stuck in a cycle of damage that’s very hard to break. From splits to painful cracks, once problems occur, they’re tough to solve.


So is there any good news?


Thankfully, yes! Because there is something we can do. And it’s all about targeting. Targeting the area with a targeted solution. Because to truly solve a specific skin problem, you need a product – and regime – that is 100% designed for the job.


And for cold-damaged hands, that means:


A: using a specific hand cream, not a generic moisturiser


B: Using a clinically-proven product that’s about rectifying not beautifying


C: Keeping up the protection and prevention with regular use


And now for even more good news…


At O’Keeffe’s, we’ve been specialising in the remedy of dry skin problems for more than 20 years. And with our dedicated, clinically-proven Working Hands range, we focus solely on alleviating the problems that hardworking hands suffer from – and breaking the cycle of extreme dryness.



So how does it work?


Much like the causes of extremely dry skin, the solution is about more than one thing…


The first is REPLENISHING:


Working Hands hand cream actively draws moisture into your skin to replace any you’ve lost.


And the second is PREVENTING:


Working Hands prevents that all-important moisture from leaving your skin by creating a protective barrier that actually seals the hydration in.


The science behind it:


So how exactly does it do it? Well it’s a unique formula that contains two key ingredients: glycerin – a humectant that helps draw and lock in that moisture. And dimethicone – an occlusive agent that helps create the protective barrier on your skin’s surface. And it’s thanks to this crucial combination that our Working Hands range brings guaranteed relief to even extremely dry, cracked hands – and makes a difference in a matter of days.


Top tips


To get the absolute most from your hand cream, remember our two top tips:


A little goes a long way


Thanks to the highly-concentrated formula, you only need to apply a small amount of Working Hands to get the long lasting results you need


Keep it coming


Prevention is just as important as a cure, so make sure you apply regularly. Working Hands is unscented, hypoallergenic and because it’s non-greasy, you don’t have to wait before getting back to work…



Where can I buy O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Range?


For guaranteed protection for your most important tools, buy Working Hands cream today. Available at Boots and Amazon.


If you have any further questions or comments, please get in touch on our contact us page.



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