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Why Is Moisturiser Important?


Why do you brush your teeth? Why do you shampoo your hair? Why do you wash your hands and face multiple times a day? Health, hygiene, general well-being. 

Moisturising ticks all those boxes. And yet there are many people who still don’t realise its significance.

When somebody asks us at O’Keeffe’s, ‘Why is moisturiser important?’, this is what we tell them.


Washing your face isn’t enough 

We carried out a survey earlier this year, that revealed that 74.4% of people spend one to five minutes washing their faces. Washing your face is vital for cleaning away dirt, dead skin and all the other pollutants that attach themselves to you during a normal day—but doing it for longer than 60 seconds can be excessive and counter productive. Tap water can contain chemicals such as chlorine and chloramine, which in high quantities could contribute towards the drying out of skin.

Moisturising cream helps rebuild those broken barriers, serving as a formidable protector to skin’s many foes.  


Benefits of moisturising regularly 

Our skin comes into contact with water every single day. Not only that but it’s constantly being battered by the wind and the rain, and occasionally the sun. Regular punishment requires regular care and that is why a meticulous moisturising regime is paramount to healthy looking and feeling skin. Once a month, or even once a week, just won’t cut it. 

In our survey, one of the questions we asked was: ‘Do you agree that moisturising regularly is key to battling signs of ageing?’ Only 17.9% strongly agreed. 

Moisturising is one of the key elements in having younger looking skin but its benefits reach much further. Regular application will help reduce the chances of redness and dry skin


Moisturising is for all ages

Dry skin does not discriminate; it can affect all ages, male or female.   

Our survey showed that 46% of people aged between 18 and 24 suffer, or have at some point suffered from, dry skin while half the people we asked aged 55 and over stated the same.

Despite this, a quarter of those aged 18–24 along with 44% of the over 55s said they spend no time moisturising.

Moisturiser is a pivotal product in the battle against dry, flaky skin.  We all want great looking, healthy feeling skin – whether we’re 18 or 65 – and moisturiser is a timeless remedy. 


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